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RTS – ADAM-M Mid-Size Matrix Intercom

Reengineered using the latest technology, and modern design, the RTS ADAM-M Matrix Intercom provides a convenient compact unit where a large number of ports are required yet space is a premium.

The sleek re-design provides 128+ ports in an extremely compact 3RU (rack unit) package, with full redundancy on the master controllers and power supplies. The Matrix frame supports all current ADAM cards, including AIO-16, RVON-16, MADI-16 Plus, DBX, TriBus and MCII-e controllers. It also supports existing ADAM wiring schemes and options.

Built for the entire world and the REAL world, the chassis plugs and plays anywhere, running on 90-264VAC at 50/6Hz.

The chassis is built with improved low noise cooling, hot-swappable components (including cooling modules), and improved status reporting.



  • Port Density – The ADAM-M supports 128+ ports in a 3RU unit, giving more functionality with less rack space used.
  • Extended Backcard Capabililities – The ADAM-M includes porvisions for expanded backcards to increase wiring options and simplicity.
  • Redundant Master Contollers – Every ADAM-M is equipped with two (2) master controllers that are fully redundant to each other, so if one fails the other will take over until the failed controller can be brought back online.
  • Integration/Expansion – The ADAM-M, utilizing existing cables and bus expanders, integrates and expands existing intercom systems into larger systems with minimal effort.
  • Power System – The ADAM-M has two (2) fully redundant, hot-swappable power supplies that work from 90-264VAC, 50/60Hz with low noise cooling and advanced status reporting capabilities. UL, CSA, CE, VDE, FCC, and PSE approved.
  • Hot-Swappable Components – Not only are the I/O cards in the ADAM-M hot-swappable, but the power supplies and fans are completely removable, making replacement and maintenance easier than ever.
  • Compatibility Briding with Past and Future – The ADAM-M supports existing legacy products, such as the AIO-16, RVON-16, MCII-e, Tribus, and MADI-16, as well as our next generation of cards.
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