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Asset & Business Management Systems

Digital Asset Management is has become a vital technology for broadcasters and media companies. The old highly manual methods which served television broadcasters in the past, including video tape cassettes, library shelves, handwritten labels, paper based shotlists, and delivery couriers etc …are all now obsolete. They have been replaced by digital file based media, and tapeless workflows, all which require some overall management control. It is now essential for a media company to know what they’ve got, where it is, how much it cost to produce or purchase, and what rights conditions are applicable. Magna can help. We have a range of database-driven business systems and management suites that provide all these and more.

Broadcast Traffic Systems – Enterprise

BTS Enterprise is a scalable Traffic and scheduling solution that can be tailored for both small and large broadcasters and is suitable for all types of operations including terrestrial along with multi-channel cable and satellite.

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Broadcast Traffic Systems – Express

Designed for broadcasters who need a low-cost Traffic & Scheduling solution, BTS Express can be downloaded over the Internet and training can be provided on-line using Internet technology.

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