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Cameras & Accessories

With its long association with Hitachi Magna has been supplying broadcast cameras to clients for several decades. Today we continue to offer an innovative range of cameras for all types of applications including CCTV and industrial vision applications. In addition we supply a range of batteries, test charts as well as other accessories related to video imaging.

Blueshape Adapters & Accessories

Blueshape supplement their range of high performance batteries with a comprehensive range of mounting kits, adapter plates and conversion cables.

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Blueshape Battery Chargers

Blueshape chargers are designed to provide efficient and fast battery charging. There is a whole range of products from indoor studio chargers to small portable solutions to satisfy different user needs.

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Blueshape V-lock Battery Range

The BLUESHAPE V-lock battery range is designed, planned and manufactured in Europe employing high standards of technology and safety.

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Eagle Pan Tilt Systems – PT-101

The EAGLEĀ® PT-101 pan-tilt head is a quiet, easy to use unit. It will find acceptance in many areas, a few of which are teleconferencing, city council meeting broadcasting..

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Eagle Pan Tilt Systems – PT-50

The EAGLEĀ® PT-50 pan-tilt head is an ultra quiet, low cost, easy to use unit. It is designed for acceptance in many areas, a few of which are teleconferencing…

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Full 4K Variable Frame Rate Camera – High-speed camera designed for super-slow-motion acquisition at 4K resolution up to 900 frames per second (fps).

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Image Engineering – Camera Test Charts

Comprehensive, highly specialised assortment of more than 260 test charts.

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TVU Networks – TVUPack

TVUPack solves a common challenge that news broadcasters often face in covering live breaking news from locations that are difficult or costly to access using traditional methods. This portable, light weight video and transmission backpack allows…

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