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A intercom system, whether in a television station, on the sidelines of a football game, or in a factory is critical, and must be seamless, reliable, and work without fault to allow all needed communications to take place. Magna’s extensive expertise in supplying a wide range of communication systems can help make that happen.

RTS – ADAM Full-Size Matrix Intercom

The RTS family of Digital Intercom Matrices is the most extensive, most widely used, and most scalable and backwards compatible line of intercoms in the world today.

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RTS – ADAM-M Mid-Size Matrix Intercom

Reengineered using the latest technology, and modern design, the RTS ADAM-M Matrix Intercom provides a convenient compact unit where a large number of ports are required yet space is a premium.

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RTS – Cronus DSP Matrix Intercom

RTS Cronus is a modular 32-port digital matrix intercom in 2 RU (rack units) that can hold up to four cards with eight ports each. Based upon an advanced DSP architecture, Cronus has the ability to link up to four units into a single 128 port matrix.

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RTS – Zeus III Compact Matrix Intercom

The RTS Zeus III is the latest generation of ultra-compact intercom system units. It has 32 channels IN/OUT and two configurable party-line interface channels. Its small size is perfect for environments with limited space.

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RTS – Zeus III LE+ Compact Digital Intercom Matrix

The RTS Zeus III LE and LE+, provide lighter versions of the Zeus III Digital Intercom Matrix, sporting 16 channels of audio IN/OUT.

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