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Broadcast Graphics is a term used to encompass key visual roles such as creative design concepts, storyboarding, 3D graphics and digital effects. All play an integral role to the success of any production or project marketing / promotion as they contribute to the audience understanding of the programme or product content. Magna Systems & Engineering portfolio includes Character Generators, Automated Channel Branding, DVE, Graphic Generation, Logo Generators and Virtual Sets

ChyronHego – Channel Box Prime

The PRIME Branding Package brings users the concepts they are familiar with from Channel Box 5, including the scripting engine, the control panels, the integration with automation, and much more…

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ChyronHego – Graffiti

The Graffiti broadcast graphics platform represents a new family of professional Character Generators from ChyronHego, the leader in graphics creations tools.

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ChyronHego – Mosaic

Mosaic™ is a tightly integrated turnkey platform that scales to fit your graphics production, technical requirements and budget.

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