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Monitoring & Control

Traditional television technology has had over half a century to mature and stabilize. In fact the techniques deployed over 50 years ago such as the transmission system (PAL/NTSC/SECAM) and the broadcast techniques (analogue terrestrial transmission) are still in use today. Today technology is rapidly moving to digital techniques. Broadcasters are increasingly faced with complex systems that have to be closely monitored to be able to give viewers the same Quality of Experience as older technologies, free from service interruption as well new artifacts such as digital macroblocking. Representing leading vendors of monitoring and control equipment for both baseband signals as well as transmission Magna can provide offer leading-edge solutions.

Bridgetech – VB252 Probe – DVB-T/T2 RF Interface

VB252 is a dual input DVB-T/T2 input interface module that enables monitoring of digital terrestrial transmissions. Two modules may be housed in a 1RU chassis together with a controlling…

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Bridgetech – VideoBRIDGE controller

The VideoBRIDGE controller (VBC) is a powerful web server application that provides a single central control and management view of all VideoBRIDGE devices in a transmission network.

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Bridgetech – ETR-101 290 Monitoring

The ETSI TR 101 290 functionality is included as standard on the VB12/VB120 probes and available as an option on the VB20/VB220/VB330 probes.

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ENENSYS – DTV Real-time signal diagnostic monitoring (Monitor)

CastXplorers are full-SNMP monitoring devices returning and logging real-time RF measures and key MPEG2-TS parameters. Including a web based remote control, these probes are intended to be placed at critical places in the network like head-ends…

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ENENSYS- DTV signal Analysers from RF to Video (Analyse)

DiviSeries products are must-have devices for testing and validating MPEG2-TS streams. All products are shipped with their companion software for controlling their operation and providing real-time advanced analysis.

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