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Transmission of TV signals encompasses a wide field that covers short haul fibre optic systems to high powered RF broadcasting. Magna represents a range of manufacturers that can provide the optimum solution for any application. From transmitters and RF systems to encoding platforms and DVB-T/H/S we have the equipment and experience to test, service, train, and support it all.

Bluebell Opticom – TDM-700 POV Camera Links

The new TDM-700 system is designed to provide a compact, rugged and cost effective optical link between a remote POV (Point of View) Camera and an OB van or Control Room.

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ENENSYS – DTV Stream Players and RF Signal Generators (Generate)

The ENENSYS GENERATE family includes USB Transport Stream Players, RF Signal Generators with a comprehensive range of options such as embedded USB stream player, noise inserter, echoes generator and many more.

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ENENSYS – GigaCaster

GigaCaster video gateways provide a cost effective, versatile and efficient solution for delivering digital TV content over IP networks.

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NetMod DTTV is ENENSYS’ standalone modulator to broadcast digital TV services over DVB-T, DVB-H or DVB-T2 networks.

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ENENSYS – NN6-T2 – DVB-T2 Gateway

The NN6-T2 is a DVB-T2 Gateway that encapsulates one or several MPEG-2 Transport Streams into a DVB-T2 multiplex, inserts synchronisation data to allow Single Frequency…

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TVU Networks – TVUPack

TVUPack solves a common challenge that news broadcasters often face in covering live breaking news from locations that are difficult or costly to access using traditional methods. This portable, light weight video and transmission backpack allows…

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