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ChyronHego – Channel Box Prime

The PRIME Branding Package brings users the concepts they are familiar with from Channel Box 5, including the scripting engine, the control panels, the integration with automation, and much more — with many new and innovative concepts combined with speed and ease of use.

Nevertheless, the PRIME Branding Package is not a traditional “channel branding system”. It’s a “business branding system” designed to deliver efficiencies to operations, engineering, and management by combining branding with a clips package for playout. In fact, it’s not even a hardware-based system. Former hardware-dependent features such as DVE, clips, audio mixing etc., are now driven by software, making PRIME an extraordinarily flexible solution.

The PRIME Branding Package is part of the PRIME Ecosystem, a universal graphics platform, architected to support either independent or numerous packages that can operate simultaneously from a single PRIME server. The packages can be used together or as standalone products, creating a flexible yet extremely powerful solution with a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Watch the Channel Box PRIME Overview