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NetMod DTTV is ENENSYS' standalone modulator to broadcast digital TV services over DVB-T, DVB-H or DVB-T2 networks.

NetMod-DTTV broadcast modulator has been designed to provide a cost effective and high quality solution for broadcast network operators, system integrators and transmitter manufacturers aiming to deploy digital TV services over DVB-T, DVB-H or DVB-T2 networks in MFN or SFN environments.

The NetMod-DTTV offers high grade broadcast IF and RF output level (over 42 dB in the whole band). It includes linear and non-linear Digital Pre-Correction (DPC) to optimise the transmision efficiency.  It operates in MFN and SFN environments. A built-in GPS receiver can be included to ease broadcast operation.

The NetMod-DTTV is fully DVB-T2 standard compliant. It supports the broadcasting in single PLP and multiple PLP. It provides T2-Modulator Interface (T2-MI) over ASI and IP to receive configuration and synchronisation information from the DVB-T2 Gateway. It also supports MISO transmission to improve SFN broadcasting.

Download the Enensys DVB-T2-Architecture Chart



  • High grade output quality
  • FPGA based for robustness and reliablity
  • First DVB-T2 modulator commercially rolled-out
  • Versatile product: starts in DVB-T, broadcast over DVB-T2 later
  • Straight integration into DTTV transmitters: leverage DVB-T transmitters to support complete DVB-T2 broadcasting
  • Easy to use web based GUI
  • Fast and simple integration in NMS

Key Features

  • RF and IF outputs
  • 10 MHz / 1PPS internal and external references
  • Internal GPS receiver (Option)
  • Digital Pre Correction capabilities
  • Installation and maintenance tests modes
  • DVB-T2 modulation
  • MPEG-2 TS input
    • T2-Modulator Interface input (ASI/IP)
    • Mono-PLP / Multi-PLP / SFN / MISO
  • DVB-T and DVB-H modulation
  • compliant with DTG, NorDig and DVB-T2 mobile profiles