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Eagle Pan Tilt Systems – PT-50

The EAGLE PT-50 pan-tilt head is an ultra quiet, low cost, easy to use unit. It is designed for acceptance in many areas, a few of which are teleconferencing, city council meeting, houses of worship, broadcasting, distance learning, surgical documentation, local access cable broadcasting, and entertainment venues.

PT-50The PT-50’s compact size and incredibly quiet motion allows for placement in out of sight areas, so as not to disturb participants in meetings and classes. It has an available wall mount or ceiling mount adapter to fit into many different applications.

The head has a range of motion of up to 360° in pan and +/- 45° in tilt. The unit has variable speed at up to 18° per second in both pan and tilt. Speed is completely variable from zero to full based on proportional digital joystick input from the new EagleTM PT-C-50 pan-tilt / camera controller.

Up to 64 different preset combinations of position and lens settings can be memorized by the head. All are stored in non-volatile memory inside each head, and can easily be recalled at any time.

The Eagle® PT-50 is for camera / lens combi- nations of up to 6 pounds (2.7 kg).