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SIAE Microelettronica – TL Series

A hybrid (IP & TDM) high capacity microwave radio system designed for trunk and long haul links. With up to 16 RF channels and N +0/N+1 configurations, the TL is capable of providing various solutions for high capacity wireless transport infrastructures.

TLSuitable for multiple applications, from wireless backbone, spur and fibre back-up, and capable of reaching critical locations providing connectivity over water and terrain that other transport media would fail to reach.

TL is available in all frequency bands from 4 to 13 Ghz with up to 16 STM-1 or 4 Gbits capacity, in N+1 or N+0 & M+1 or M+0 configurations. In addition, for IP applications a L2 switch is embedded in the equipment.

Key Features

  • High capacity trunking, long haul solutions
  • Compact full outdoor 4 channel trunking applications
  • Full IP configuration