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Telestream – Vantage

Telestream Vantage combines media capture, transcoding, clip management, analysis, QC, and metadata processing into one unified video workflow design and automation framework. Vantage integrates with all the major broadcast servers, edit systems, streaming servers, cable VOD servers, SANs and virtually any network digital device in your facility to improve your video operations.

Video Workflow Design & Automation
 that revolutionises

Visually design your complex media workflows with Vantage. Metadata flow, analysis data flow, media file flow, and process flows can be designed independently of one another and of the underlying file format or video systems. Automated decision-making can be incorporated into the workflow. This allows the design of fully automated, self-adapting video workflows, with easy-to-use tools and out-of-the-box support for any video environment.

Full Automation in Multi-Vendor Environments

Vantage automates content ingest, file format conversion, video device interoperability, multi-channel distribution, and other video production workflows. It unifies your video operations into a managed, faster than real-time workflow ecosystem.

Vantage workflow

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Workflow Design

  • Supports any file format, integrates directly with today’s major video systems
  • Automates hundreds of common video workflows,
    out of the box
  • Automates adaptive video workflows with integrated decision making
  • Scales to thousands of video workflows in an enterprise server environment
  • Allows you to improve your operations and your ability to address new multiplatform opportunities


  • Built upon best-in-class FlipFactory technology, Vantage offers the world’s leading enterprise-grade transcoding technology
  • Over 120 formats and wrappers supported, including almost every video device in the industry
  • Deep format support including VANC, timecode, captions, multiple audio streams, and metadata
  • Optimised for multi-core servers to ensure the fastest possible results
  • Prioritised pause-and-resume and enterprise-class load balancing and failover automatically prevents bottlenecks or system failure


Telestream Vantage® Analysis allows you to add automated media analysis and quality control checks directly into your media processing workflows. Analyse file properties, perform video and audio analysis, and compare files. Vantage Analysis goes beyond content verification to enable you to automate smart transcoding and self-healing quality control workflows.

With the industry’s broadest file format support, Vantage Analysis is a fully-integrated part of Vantage, allowing you to design your workflow without the need for temporary file formats or unnecessary file copies.

Vantage Workflow Portal

Telestream Vantage® Workflow Portal allows media workflow administrators to quickly design and deploy user interfaces for operator metadata entry, content browsing, stitching, and job submission. Administrators design the task that the operator will perform, and design the back-end process that will fulfill the operator input. Operators can then use the Vantage Workflow Portal  client  application  to  access  their  tasks  and submit  jobs.